Company Profile

Flatsoft Displays Inc. is a fast-growing communication technology company. Flatsoft’s proprietary technology provides turnkey customised solutions for businesses and governments. 

Flatsoft’s own range of state-of-the-art flat panel display & advanced communication systems are robust, high-performing and low maintenance. They are developed and redesigned for various industrial needs in vast major applications. Flatsoft Displays Inc. was founded in 2005 in Singapore and fully expanded his business in Asia in 2012. 

Flatsoft has several main business categories such as Event e-Rentals for AV, Clouds OOH for Ads-Exchange, and Robotics system. 

Flatsoft Events provide a seamless ecosystem for all the commercial rental vendors specializing in conferences, events and exhibitions. Flatsoft Events have a rental booking feature and selection of equipments required at different locations. There is also a new introduction of Flatsoft TVs for consumer rental market with subscriptions based, Flatsoft Clouds for OOH exchanges & Flatsoft Prints for rental of large format printers including 3D printers. And ultimately Flatsoft Global an open trading platform for the best selected suppliers & products globally or visit [  (upgrading in process) ] . For other enquiry, you may contact Flatsoft at